• 2018 Holden BARINA

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Comment Highlights (11)

  • Oct 2020
    I love my Barina. It is everything i wanted and at a great price too!
    —Carol S - 2018 Holden Barina LT
  • Sep 2020
    So far so good, easy to drive
    —Karen G - 2018 Holden Barina LS
  • Sep 2020
    Love my new car !
    —Amanda S - 2018 Holden Barina LS
  • Aug 2020
    My Mum absolutely loves the car we bought for her. One of the key features for us is how easy it is for her to use. Some of the European cars we have owned are so difficult to navigate so having a really simply NZ car made it a really obvious choice.
    —Leanne M - 2018 Holden Barina LT 1.6P/6AT
  • Aug 2020
    It's a great little car a lot more space inside than you would think .
    —Jacqueline . - 2018 Holden Barina LS
  • Aug 2020
    Just love it
    —Stella C - 2018 Holden Barina LT
  • Jul 2020
    Love it. So we car to drive great heater too
    —Deanna J - 2018 Holden Barina LS
  • Jul 2020
    I dont have a bad thing to say about this great we car.
    —Wayne W - 2018 Holden Barina LS
  • Jul 2020
    I love the wide windows so it's a gd clear view esp when at intersections..being an older driver with neck problems this is very important to me . Totally love the backing camera feels safe backing my car again. My Barina is not that peppy but that's all gd with me..I'm not a boy racer. Great car to drive...it looks good & has a good safety rating.. I am grateful for my good trade and totally stoked with my new Holden Barina.. great price...perfect for me ..and plenty of room for my 2 fur babies in the back.
    —Penelope C - 2018 Holden Barina LS
  • Jun 2020
    Good choice
    —Ann H - 2018 Holden Barina LS
  • Jun 2020
    awesome wee car we have 3 holdens in garage v8 ute V8 car and the baby
    —Thomas E - 2018 Holden Barina LS