• 2011 Nissan TIIDA

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  • Aug 2020
  • Jul 2020
    Great little car
    —Allen M - 2011 Nissan Tiida
  • Jul 2020
    This is our second Tilda If this is as good as the first we will be happy.
    —James M - 2011 Nissan TIIDA 15M
  • Jun 2020
    We already had a Tiida sedan, which was written off after a slight accident. We thought we'd like to try a hatchback, and we are glad we did. This one seems to be more stable on the road, and maybe a bit perkier in performance. Not yet able to determine if fuel economy is better or worse than the last one.
    —Cynthia V - 2011 Nissan TIIDA
  • Jun 2020
    good car
    —Noel O - 2011 Nissan Tiida
  • Jun 2020
    I love the space and comfort in this car .
    —Lois S - 2011 Nissan TIIDA 15S
  • Jun 2020
    Spacious white car
    —Dhara S - 2011 Nissan Tiida 15M
  • May 2020
    Good fuel economy
    —Vernard H - 2011 Nissan Tiida 1.5M
  • Mar 2020
    It was good, one of my dream car!
    —Dianne D - 2011 Nissan Tiida 15M
  • Feb 2020
    Love it
    —Judith N - 2011 Nissan Tiida
  • Feb 2020
    Good !!! Happy with decision
    —Niravkumar P - 2011 Nissan Tiida
  • Jan 2020
    I am happy with the Tiida. I think it is a "lot of car for my money".
    —Rihi B - 2011 Nissan TIIDA 15M Facelift
  • Nov 2019
    Lovely basic little car.
    —LEE-ANNE C - 2011 Nissan Tiida
  • Nov 2019
    Extremely pleased with our Tiida.
    —Graeme B - 2011 Nissan Tiida 15M
  • Aug 2019
    —Kelly P - 2011 Nissan Tiida * Low Kms *
  • Jul 2019
    This is the first time I bought a new car, so I'm really happy, comparing to my old one I used, this is much more economical and efficient for my everyday travel around city which I really need, thanks a lot guys..
    —EMILY B - 2011 Nissan TIIDA
  • Jul 2019
    I liked the look of it immediately. The space and clean layout of the interior is great. Easily fits the grandkids seats in, or even a few half round posts! The engine seems zippy enough and quiet on the road. The seats are very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. I like it.
    —Christine D - 2011 Nissan Tiida 15M SUPER LOW KMS
  • Jul 2019
    The vehicle is good.
    —Esther S - 2011 Nissan Tiida
  • Jun 2019
    Love the style and color
    —Raymond H - 2011 Nissan Tiida 15M SUPER LOW KMS
  • May 2019
    Traded down from a wagon to the Nissan Tiida. Great for just the two of us. Although a small car certainly has lots of room.
    —SANDRA M - 2011 Nissan Tiida
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