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  • Jan 2021
    Make sure the radio is working
    —Paul D - 2006 Honda Odyssey 7 Seater
  • Nov 2020
    No problem's, drive's well.
    —Puru W - 2006 Honda Odyssey 7 Seater
  • Nov 2020
    Great car, loads of space and good acceleration when needed also good fuel economy
    —Timothy B - 2006 Honda Odyssey
  • Oct 2020
    Seems like a solid car so far. Quite peppy for its size.
    —Timothy F - 2006 Honda Odyssey Absolute
  • Aug 2020
    Vet happy with the vehicle. Preforms better than expected
    —Barbara-Jane D - 2006 Honda Odyssey 2.4 Absolute
  • Aug 2020
    Great value for money. Honda reliability. Super for a family.
    —Dirk S - 2006 Honda Odyssey
  • Jul 2020
    I love my Honda Odyssey it's economical reliable crusiey cost van my new born will b so relax in it thankyou
    —Zane W - 2006 Honda Odyssey Absolute
  • Jun 2020
    We havent identified any faults with the vehicle yet. We purchased the odyssey because we genuinely liked the look of it, it does not look like your average people mover car, we think it looks cooler and of course there is sufficient and ample space inside the car as well which we definitely needed for our growing family.
    —Moetu N - 2006 Honda Odyssey Absolute
  • Mar 2020
    Awesome vehicle lucky for cruise control lol
    —Cara K - 2006 Honda ODYSSEY ABSOLUTE
  • Feb 2020
    it was a great car, spacious and its 4x4 we loved it
    —J&L AGRITRADING LIMITED - 2006 Honda Odyssey Absolute 2.4L 7Seater 1YearWarrantyFree
  • Jan 2020
    Typical Honda so far - hugely practical and we hope will long term prove to be reliable, though not necessarily that cool looking (but for a family not a factor)
    —STUART M - 2006 Honda Odyssey
  • Jan 2020
    It's so smooth to drive, great room for our family of 4 who travel all the time for sporting events and also with animals. (a great roomy car for up to 7 with luggage) Even better for traipsing around a hoard of kids with the extra seats 👍😉
    —Victoria G - 2006 Honda Odyssey 2.4lt Absolute 7-Seater
  • Nov 2019
    Perfect for a growing family with full 7 seats and leg room and then still has a boot big enough to use.
    —Jenny D - 2006 Honda Odyssey
  • Oct 2019
    Vehicle was overall in excellent condition.
    —Bevan J - 2006 Honda Odyssey Absolute
  • Sep 2019
    Overall the car is great.
    —Stephen B - 2006 Honda Odyssey Absolute
  • Sep 2019
    excellent people mover with style and economical
    —Gaela N - 2006 Honda Odyssey Absolute
  • Aug 2019
    I have a family of 6 so I was looking for something that was safe, with room, and very smooth to drive. I absolutely found that. I am very happy with the decision I made.
    —Te N - 2006 Honda odyssey 2.4 litre
  • Jul 2019
    Has good grunt for a 7 seater. Modern inside , comfy seats and sufficient legroom Easy to drive
    —jodi L - 2006 Honda Odyssey
  • Jul 2019
    Great car. Very spacious and clean inside.
    —Adlin B - 2006 Honda Odyssey ABSOLUTE @ BUDGET RANGE @
  • Jul 2019
    Love it!!
    —Keri H - 2006 Honda ODYSSEY Absolute 7 Seater
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